Specialized Treatment for Court Involved Children, Parents, and Families

Families involved in a legal process, and those with separated or divorcing parents, may have different needs from other families. They are often referred for psychotherapy or other counseling and education services, but may have difficulty finding a psychologist with expertise in these areas. The result can be lost time, increased expense, escalating legal costs and continuing emotional distress in parents and children.

When families receive early assistance from a psychologist qualified in this specialized area, the result may be more rapid relief from distress, better results in the legal process, better problem solving, reduced litigation and, most important, happier and more well-adjusted children. When therapy or counseling have been ordered by the court, the qualifications of the therapist may make a critical difference.

Dr. Greenberg has been a pioneer in the development of therapy and intervention models for court involved parents, children and families, and in the movement toward increased professionalization of this role. She is internationally known for her flexible, innovative service models, based on the best available research and tailored to the needs of separated, divorcing, or court-involved children and families. She served as task force reporter and one of the primary authors of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Guidelines for Court-Involved Therapy. She has been recognized for her expertise and service by several professional organizations and has written and has written and presented locally, nationally, and internationally on these issues.

Early, effective psychotherapy or consultation may be the best gift you can ever give to yourself or your child. Dr. Greenberg’s approach emphasizes practical, realistic problem solving and coping skills, focused on the issues relevant to the family. Her approach is designed to enhance individual and family functioning, decrease the need for external assistance, and reduce both emotional and financial costs of the family transition.

Dr. Greenberg provides a variety of therapy services for parents, coparents, families and children. She can assist in structuring consents and stipulations to promote maximum effectiveness, with regard for both family privacy and any necessary reports to the court. Dr. Greenberg is skilled at collaborating with other professionals, either in a collaborative law context or in intervention teams with other therapists or a parenting coordinator. She has written and presented on models for professional collaboration, both within and among disciplines. (See articles).

**Dr. Greenberg is Board Certified in Family Therapy (American Board of Professional Psychology) and holds both the Certificate of Professional Qualifications (CPQ) and the Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate. These facilitate providing services to parents residing outside of California.

Dr. Greenberg performs some types of therapy based on a detailed consent from the parties; she requires a detailed Stipulation and order for others. Please click on the specific type of therapy you are considering, or contact Dr. Greenberg’s office at admin@lyngreenbergphd.com for more information. Dr. Greenberg is available to assist in establishing the appropriate type of consent for the service involved.

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