Coparenting Therapy and Consultation

One of the greatest risks to children of separated parents is exposure to conflict between their parents or other significant adults. Co-parenting interventions are designed to help separated parents support their children by creating a workable process for making decisions and creating healthy environments for their children. This often requires a delicate balance between coordination, collaboration, and the independence of each household.

Parents are often told to cooperate and shield the children from conflict, without being given any practical skills or tools for doing so. Dr. Greenberg is internationally known for the therapeutic models she has developed to assist parents, children and families through the process of separation. She provides a variety of co-parenting services to assist parents with the specific skills they need to co-parent. She provides coparenting counseling and conjoint therapy by consent or court order, individualized coparenting education, and support to individual parents attempting to work with a difficult co-parent. She also provides consultation to parents engaged in collaborative processes, to assist them in creating the best plan for their children. For cases in which parents need a professional third party with decision-making authority, Dr. Greenberg is available to provide parenting coordination.

Dr. Greenberg holds advanced credentials* that are accepted in many states,so she is often able to provide coparenting services even when one parent resides outside of California.

*American Board of Professional Psychology Board Certification in Family Psychology, ASPPB Certificate of Professional Qualifications and Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate.