Parenting Plan Coordination

Parenting Plan Coordination, also known as Parenting Coordination or PPC, provides a mechanism for assisting parents to reduce conflict, resolve problems in joint parenting, and reach decisions that will be supportive to their children. Parenting Plan Coordinators can be appointed only by stipulation (agreement) of the parties and the approval of the court. Parenting Coordinators are empowered to make some decisions of the parents cannot agree. This is an alternative-dispute-resolution approach, which is likely to be less costly, less prone to delay, and less stressful to both parents and children than resolving disputes through litigation. Dr. Greenberg approaches parenting coordination from the perspective of ultimately reducing the parties’ need for her services. She assists parents to establish better decision-making procedures, often with a structured approach, in the hope that parents may ultimately be able to coordinate decisions with less need for professional help. Nevertheless, Dr. Greenberg is equipped and prepared to make timely decisions when the parents cannot agree, so that disruption to the children is minimized.

A Parenting Plan Coordinator’s scope of that authority is established at the time that she is appointed. In some cases, the PPC’s is limited to making decisions regarding scheduling issues or other day-to-day activities. For example, the PPC may assist with decisions about the child’s extracurricular activities, temporary adjustments to parenting schedules, or the child’s ability to attend a social event or independent activity during either parent’s custody time. It is important to note that these decisions may seem minor to parents but are often extremely important to the child, and cannot be resolved in a timely manner by the Court. (The activity in question may be long past before a Court hearing could be scheduled.) Dr. Greenberg focuses on resolving these issues promptly, with the maximum feasible involvement of both parents and support for children’s independent activities and development.

In other cases, parents and the Court may empower the PPC with the ability to make decisions or recommendations on larger issues, such changes in custody/parenting time or school placement. All decisions made by a Parenting Plan Coordinator may be reviewed by the Court.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court has established a standard stipulation for the appointment of a Parenting Plan Coordinator. View the PPC stipulation.

For more information on selecting Dr. Greenberg as a Parenting Plan Coordinator, contact Dr. Greenberg can be available to speak via conference call to counsel who are considering selecting her as a PPC.