Children with Special Needs

Child custody cases can be particularly complicated when children have special developmental or medical issues, learning difficulties, or psychological needs. Parents may disagree on management of these issues, and/or may face difficulties in accessing the resources that children need. Dr. Greenberg's training background and professional experience enables her to work effectively with professionals from a variety of disciplines, effectively integrating information from medical, psychological, educational and legal systems. Dr. Greenberg has provided training to judicial officers, children's attorneys, and mental health professionals regarding these issues, using some of the materials presented below. She can provide parenting coordination, consultation, treatment, expert witness, and evaluation services to assist in developing effective plans for these children. All materials are copyrighted by Lyn R. Greenberg, Ph.D. Please contact her for permission to reuse. Thank you. Materials provide general information only, and cannot substitute for a professional consultation regarding any individual case.