Professional Consultation to Attorneys

Dr. Greenberg is skilled an experienced in offering professional consultation to attorneys. Psychological consultation is often most useful when engaged early in a case, when the full range of options is available to client and counsel.

Dr. Greenberg can:

  • Identify psychological issues that may be relevant to the outcome of a case, and to children's adjustment
  • Assist in explaining issues to parents, addressing deficits in parenting knowledge, improving coping skills to succeed in the process
  • Provide strategies for stabilizing a high conflict situation
  • Assist in directing the course of litigation
  • Identify psychological risk factors
  • Assist in addressing allegations or risks of child abuse and domestic violence
  • Assist in addressing allegations or risks of alienation
  • Advise on potential settlement options
  • Assist in the selection of other professionals and the drafting of stipulations for therapy, parenting coordination or other services
  • Assess concerns about the performance of other professionals in the case

If an evaluation is ordered, Dr. Greenberg can:

  • Assist in the selection of an evaluator and navigating the process
  • Review the evaluation process or report
  • Assist in responding to an unfavorable report or capitalizing on a favorable report

If the case proceeds to litigation, Dr. Greenberg can:

  • Assist with the psychological aspects of trial strategy
  • Assist in selection of expert witnesses
  • Assist in translating psychological concepts to plain language
  • Assist in preparing clients to testify effectively
  • Provide potential examination and cross examination questions

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