Child Custody Evaluation

A child custody evaluation is an objective investigation of issues related to child custody and parenting. Child custody evaluations may be ordered by the Court, conducted by agreement of the parties or, in certain situations, conducted by request of one of the parties in the case. Dr. Greenberg generally performs evaluations by court order, but may perform other types of assessments when appropriate. Dr. Greenberg does not interview children without the consent/knowledge of both parents, or an order from the Court, as this places children in an untenable position. Child Custody evaluations can address the full range of child custody and visitation issues before and court, or may be limited to specific issues. Crisis assessments or rapid-response evaluations are also available in appropriate situations. Generally, these involve more limited types of data collection than is done in a full child custody evaluation. Dr. Greenberg is available to provide a variety of types of evaluations. Often, she can speak by conference call with counsel to determine the most appropriate type of evaluation for a particular case. Various reporting formats/options are also available. Child custody evaluations generally include some or all of the following types of services: Interviews and/or observation of parents, children, and other significant adults. Parents and children will be observed together. Appointments may involve various combinations of family members. The type, number and duration of interviews will vary based on the needs of the case. In most situations, interviews are electronically recorded.
  • Psychological testing, completion of parenting questionnaires
  • Review of relevant documents and records. Parents will be asked to sign releases allowing Dr. Greenberg to exchange information with other professionals, including therapists. Dr. Greenberg may also conduct telephone interviews with other professionals.
  • Collateral contacts - i.e. interviews or review of written information from professionals or others who have relevant information
  • Other services or assessments deemed appropriate by the evaluator.
Regardless of who pays for Dr. Greenberg's services, she conducts all evaluations from the perspective of providing an objective opinion to the parties or the Court. She will consider the needs of parents, but base recommendations on what is likely to serve the best interests of the child. At the conclusion of the evaluation, Dr. Greenberg will provide a report discussing data obtained in the evaluation and the basis for her recommendations. Other reporting options, such as a feedback session and briefer written report, are available in appropriate cases. If you would like to consider Dr. Greenberg's services as a child custody evaluator, please contact her.